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Call to Arms

Leaders (Recruiting Sergeants)

Participants (Recruits)


Call to Arms Soldiership training from The Salvation Army Recruits book available through Salvationist Supplies, other materials available for free download on this site

The Salvation Army is engaged in battle for the souls of men and women throughout the world. We believe in a God who passionately pursues the lost and who wants all people to enter into loving relationship with him. God has called his church to partner with him in reconciling all people to himself. This is the Call to Arms. This is what The Salvation Army stands for in a lost and broken world.

In the Australia Southern Territory we express our understanding of that mission through our Mission Intentions: Transforming Lives, Caring for People, Making Disciples and Reforming Society. Each of these Mission Intentions captures something of what the redeeming mission of God looks like. The purpose of soldiership preparation is to train people to take an active part in this mission as part of The Salvation Army. Call to Arms is designed around the content of the soldier's covenant, so that each recruit knows exactly what they are signing up for.

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