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Christmas Resources

If you are engaging volunteers this festive season, take the time to have a look at our collection of resources and tools. You'll find how to plan, recruit, select, induct and recognise volunteers. Our certificates are fun, festive and vibrant - don't forget to download one for your volunteers. 

PLAN for your volunteers 

We highly recommend articulating your activity into an activity brief to help your own planning. You can share the activity brief with interested volunteers so they understand what they're signing up to. 

RECRUIT Christmas volunteers 

Seek Volunteer Ads

If you are running Christmas activities and need volunteers, the VR team is here to help. We can help connect you with the right volunteers by creating free customised ads on Seek Volunteer.

Additional Recruitment Ideas

We know that Seek Volunteer ads aren't always successful and that successful recruitment requires different platforms. If you need to reach more volunteers, have a look at the following resource to give you additional recruitment ideas. 

SELECT & Roster Volunteers 

Once a volunteer has expressed interest, ensure you contact them as soon as possible. We've provided some communications templates we've used in the past and copies of various rosters. Download any resources you find helpful! 


Before a volunteer can engage in your Christmas activity, they must first complete and sign the necessary paperwork. Please note: some forms require a co-signature from the Christmas activity host. 

INDUCT Volunteers 

Keep your volunteers safe and happy during your Christmas events. Read some of our tips and download the volunteer sign-in sheet!

RECOGNISE your volunteers 

Time to say a big 'thank you' to all the incredible volunteers who have generously given up their time. This will not only make them feel valued, but also increase the chances of ongoing engagement.

Below are some Christmas Certificates, cards, invitations and even wrapping paper! Enjoy!

Certificate of Appreciation - Standard Certificate of Appreciation - Corporate
Christmas Card Christmas Party Invitation 


Christmas Wrapping Paper (Print in A3) 


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