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Red Shield Neighbourhood Appeal - Volunteers

Event volunteering does not require an on-going, long term commitment. It is sometimes a one-off endeavour and requires short-term time availability (ie 2 to 4 hours), frequency of activity (twice per year) or a specific time of year, e.g. school holiday period.  Short term volunteering can be helpful for an event such as the Red Shield Appeal.

The following iformation is provided to support Corps in the delivery of their RSNA with a focus on volunteer engagement. There is additional information provided to support other areas of the RSNA such as teh handbook.

It is recommended that you read the Event and Short Term Volunteer page in addition to this inforation to gain on overview of the stages and steps involved with event and short term volunteering activities.


RSNA Handbook, forms and Role Profiles

The purpose of this handbook is to support you with knowledge and resources on how to conduct an effective Red Shield Neighbourhood Appeal (RSNA).

  1. Use this handbook to stimulate your thoughts and questions.
  2. Match all volunteers to a role profile and enter them into the VMS.
  3. View all integrity checks and licences if required.
  4. Record an attendance register for each site.
  5. Keep Accident report forms incase of an incident

Phone scripts, Guidelines and Briefing

We have created a few phone scripts and guidelines to help you engage volunteers and place them in the best role for a great Red Shield Neighbourhood Appeal outcome.

Also download the RSA Volunteer Briefing to explain safety precautions and equipment required.

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