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National Volunteer Week 2019



Salvos Volunteers are integral to our mission - we couldn't do what we do without them. It is important to take the opportunity to thank them for their time, talent, skill & commitment. In this collection, we provide you with posters, certificates and ideas to say a big THANK YOU to our Army of Volunteers.

National Volunteer Week
May 20-29, 2019

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration to acknowledge volunteers across Australia. Below you will find resources to help inspire you recognise your volunteers. 

  1. Volunteer Recognition Ideas (Activity Sheet) - Updated
    Creative ideas and thought starters for designing your recognition & celebration activities
  2. Letter of Thanks from Territorial Commander
  3. NVW 2019 Thank you Posters
    Print and display a thank you poster to celebrate your volunteers and NVW!
    Thank You Poster - A3
    Thank You Poster - A4
  4. NVW 2019 Certificates of Appreciation
    Certificate Option 1
    Certificate Option 2
  5. 'Fabulous' card - business card size
    Have lots of volunteers? Why not print out & laminate these 'business cards' & give them out to your volunteers to let them know they're 'fabulous'! 
  6. NVW Army of Volunteers A5 Card 
    Want to write each of your volunteers a unique and custom message? This is the card you're looking for. Print 2 on each page and write a meaningful message to thank your volunteers. 

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Let's celebrate National Volunteer Week !!!