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Managing Volunteer Info Databases


Managing volunteer information is essential to ensure volunteers are considered, insured and acknowledged as part of The Salvation Army. The information is a legislative requirement as we have a duty of care to ensure our volunteers have the right checks and balances when it comes to integrity checks and receive the required induction and training as TSA volunteers. The information is also needed as part of contractual requirements for government funding and assists in applications for ongoing or additional funding. 

The information also enables corps, services and programs to keep a secure record of their volunteers to enable communication and recognition of significant dates – birthdays and volunteer anniversary.

Volunteer Management System (VMS)

The Volunteer Management System (VMS) is the TSA approved system to record all volunteers* within a site. The use of VMS is mandatory for all sites (that is, all corps, programmes and services) within TSA.

The VMS How to Guide has easy-to-follow instructions for key VMS tasks

Contact the Volunteer Resources Team to find out how to access VMS.

Salvos WorkDay is coming

Salvos Worksday is a great new database which will manage all the employment / onboarding, integrity check and training information for all TSA Officers, staff and volunteers into one place.  Every worker will be able to access and update their information through a user friendly portal with their own personal login details. All data from the current systems (approx 25 in existence across the country) will be transfered over into Salvos Workday in the next 6 months.

Key project dates:

  • October 2019 transition of all Officers and employees to Salvos WorkDay
  • March 2020 transition of all mission volunteers to Salvos WorkDay

To prepare for SalvosWorkday managers of volunteers (MoVs) will need to:

  • prepare an organisational chart showing lines of reporting for all volunteers
  • ensure all current volunteer information is up to date in VMS

Please contact your local Volunteer Resource Advisor if you have any questions or need help with preparing for WorkDay.

Learning Management System (LEARN)

LEARN is the central location for all training data for the Territory, and includes officer, employee, and contractor training. 

Volunteer training records are now available in VMS. 

Service and Mission Information System (SAMIS)

SAMIS is essential for people & activity recording required by The Salvation Army (TSA)Corps, neo-missions, Residential and Outreach based services (including SHSC), Community Support Services/Corps Welfare (Emergency Relief), Counselling (General and Financial), HACC, ACHA, CACP and Chaplaincy services. As well as Emergency Services (Disaster), and any other Disaster response.

  • *Volunteers are defined as: A volunteer is anyone who contributes time, service and skills without expectation of financial gain from TSA to assist in accomplishing the organisation’s mission.

This would include people who engage in service for spiritual, personal, humanitarian, educational, and/or charitable reasons.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • soldiers and corps members including local officers in a specific role
  • committee/advisory board members
  • community based/court-ordered volunteers
  • ongoing volunteers
  • student placements
  • work-for-the-dole participants
  • corporate volunteers (presently do not need to be recorded on VMS)

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