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Volunteer Categories

There are over 10 different categories of TSA volunteers with one thing in common - people contributing to the work of corps/centres without expectation of financial payment from TSA.  Below is the full TSA definition and resources for the main categories of volunteers serving TSA’s mission. 


For TSA's definition of the term 'volunteer'... read more

A volunteer is anyone who contributes time, service and skills without expectation of financial gain from TSA to assist in accomplishing the organisation’s mission. 

This would include people who engage in service for spiritual, personal, humanitarian, educational, and/or charitable reasons.

This includes but is not limited to:
• soldiers and corps members including local officers in a specific role 
• committee/advisory board members
• community based/court-ordered volunteers
• ongoing volunteers
• student placements
• work-for-the-dole participants
• corporate volunteers   


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