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Induct your volunteer - Follow the easy steps for a successful engagement


Induct your corporate volunteers

Every corporate group should assign a team leader for the day; usually the most senior of the group. 

Corporate volunteers are just like any volunteer or employee at a TSA site. We have to assure all workers’ safety while they are engaged on our sites. Induction is an important way of minimising safety-related risks.

> TBD link to WHS induction

Use your local induction checklist for corporate volunteers Link: Corporate induction checklist to make sure the corporate volunteers feel welcome and familiarise them with the site and work that needs to be done. Some of the induction information (e.g. parking and appropriate clothing and footwear) are to be included in the activity details agreement {link} so the corporate volunteers are as productive as possible throughout the whole of their project day.

Corporate induction checklist

Name tag template

Once off event sign in sheet

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