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Plan your volunteer engagement


We will help you find a corporate group

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are there some jobs you would like done but never have the time or resources to tackle?
  2. Could one of your rooms use a make-over?
  3. Do you have tasks that require specifc skills that are outside of your teams skillset?
  4. Are there skills or knowledge that you or your team would like to develop?
  5. Are there tasks your team are doing simply because there is no-one else to do it?
  6. Do you wish that people outside TSA had greater insight into the amazing work your team do?
  7. Do you want to expand your connections and network?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, we have a form to prompt you with some details about the activity

Corporate Activity Form Corps Request (docx)

Corporate Activity Form Corps Request (pdf)

Contact your Divisional Volunteer Resources representative and we can help you find a corporate group or a skilled individual corporate to support your needs.

In addtion, we have prepared an expression of interest form that prompts the corporate volunteer to think about what their people prefer in the volunteering experience. 

Speak with your Divisional Volunteer Resources representative

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How To Plan Ahead

The more you plan up front, the better the chance of a successful project/activity. At the end of the project/activity, both you and the corporate volunteers should feel the effort put in was really worthwhile.

The project and tasks should be clearly defined and valuable to your mission. Once you decide on the overall outcome you want, break the work into as many individual tasks as possible; a task should be work that can be easily delegated to an individual or small teams. Then consider any specific skills required to do the tasks. You also need to consider if you have enough support staff, tools, training, information etc. to make the day as productive as possible.

Remember, most corporate volunteers have a day to contribute. They thrive on being busy and can become disengaged if they are not kept busy all day. So, if anything, err on the side of having too much work for a day rather than not enough. If you don’t have experience with this type of project, your Divisional Volunteer Resource Coordinator can assist with the breakdown of tasks and how many corporate volunteers you need or can accommodate. blue line


What do you do to prepare?

Details that should be thought through in the plan phase are:

  • check that all the tools and materials needed for all the tasks are available and work well. If tools or materials are required for this project only but are not available on site, consider requesting a donation from the Corporation
  • ensure the contact person at the company has all the information they need to inform their volunteers prior to the day
  • Identify what the specific clothing or footwear requirements should be
  • Whether you want them to provide their own lunch or whether you plan to cater
  • Whether there is adequate parking
  • If an outside activity, what are your alternative arrangements if it rains or there are last minute changes
  • OH&S requirements are assessed and can be taken care of before the event.
  • Preparation introduction to your service and site and activity induction

Want to learn more?

Volunteering Victoria - Guide to engaging corporate volunteers

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