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Recognise and retain your volunteer. Retention is directly linked to how your volunteer feels.


Recognise and Retain your corporate volunteers

As highly motivated and skilled professionals, corporate volunteers thrive on feedback. During the day, corporate volunteers are as pleased to receive informal recognition for how their contribution has assisted the service. 

To establish and maintain a strong ongoing relationship with the corporation, forward a letter or email of appreciation to the individual/team leader of the corporate group. If you don’t know what to say, who to send it to or don’t have time, please contact your Divisional Volunteer Resources Coordinator.]

A note of appreciation could include the following:

Specific date of the project
The role of the project to your mission and how the mission benefited from the individual/corporate group’s contribution.
Specific contributions / achievements of the individual/corporate group
Any highlights of the day that assisted the work to go more easily
Appreciate their enthusiasm and skills they brought to the day 

[TBD example letters]


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