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Recruit a corporate volunteer

Contact your Divisional Volunteer Resources Coordinator to help you find a corporate group or a skilled individual corporate to support your needs. At THQ we get many offers from corporate volunteers who want to give back to the community as either part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) program or as a team building event; frequently we have more requests than known opportunities available. 

That being said, your corps’ or centre’s requirements need to be matched with the available skills on offer from the corporate volunteers. We try to accommodate requests from interested corporate groups but they need to work with us to contribute in a way that is valuable to your corps or centre or TSA more broadly.

There is a strong possibility that there are corporate groups eagerly waiting for a project to apply their considerable energy and skill. If not, your Divisional Volunteer Resource Coordinator can put an advertisement on Seek.com or approach corporations who have previously assisted or have indicated an interest.

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