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Select your volunteer. References and integrity checks are part of the steps


Select a corporate group to assist you with your project

In the select phase we need to match the Corps / Centre’s project requirements with the skills being offered by the corporate volunteers. 

Those detailed activities or tasks that came from the plan phase, need to be entered into in the activity agreement form. The activity agreement is mainly used for communication between your site and the corporate volunteers to ensure they understand what you expect of them and to prepare thoroughly (both sides).

You should try to make the activity agreement available to the corporate group representative (either corporate volunteer coordinator or team leader who are employees of the company) as soon as you know who the corporate volunteers are so there is plenty of time to collaborate where required e.g what the corporate group will provide: number of staff and, when applicable, staff with appropriate skills, materials like paint. Frequently, the corporate group will purchase the materials or donate money / vouchers to fund the purchase. 

Uploaded form: Activity agreement and form template

Corporate volunteers contributing for a day long event do not need police checks However, if the corporate volunteers engaged in your project have contact with children, the corporate volunteers would require a working with children check. Click here to access the volunteer integrity checks matrix

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Select a specific corporate partner

From time to time corporations approach The Salvation Army through the Public Relations Department at THQ to form an ongoing, community support relationship. The Volunteer Resources team work with the Business Development Representative and you to establish a framework for the corporate staff to support specific sites as part of the community engagement program through a memorandum of understanding. The memorandum of understanding template has been designed to foster a cooperative approach and ensure open communication channels between the corporate volunteers and The Salvation Army. The text has been approved by THQ for use with any relationship. That said, the Volunteer Resource Team is happy to assist in any way; just let us know. Click here to find the contact details of your local Volunteer Resource Coordinator.

Uploaded document: Memorandum of Understanding – pilot corporate volunteer engagement and instructions on how to enter corporate details

Volunteering Australia site guide to engaging corporate volunteers >  click here

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