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Evaluate your volunteer engagements

Volunteer evaluation

Evaluation is an opportunity for you to reflect whether the objectives of the Role Profile are being achieved for both yourself and the volunteers within your corps or site. 

Invite your volunteers to provide feedback.
Feedback should be a two-way process so the volunteer has an opportunity to provide feedback on how they are going, express their concerns or ask questions. Informal and structured feedback is helpful and could include a survey to collect data.

If formal it is important to provide the volunteer with at least 2 weeks notice and to give them a clear indication of the purpose of the meeting and what will be discussed.

When a volunteer leaves a role, it is also ideal to interview them and/or request that they complete an exit survey.

Volunteer Exit / Evaluation Checklist

Volunteer Exit Survey

Suggested Survey tool www.surveymonkey.com/

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Evaluation Checklists

We have developed an evaluation checklist to help with evaluation measurement.

See page 50 and 51 of the Management Handbook.

Volunteer Engagment Management Handbook V2

See also Managing Performance

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