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Recognise and retain your volunteer. Retention is directly linked to how your volunteer feels.

Effective staff and volunteer integration

  • Engender a supportive team environment.
  • Value volunteers equally.
  • Volunteer activity should complement the work done by paid staff and cannot replace a current, or recently retrenched or vacant, role of an employee.
  • Involve paid staff in the role development and volunteer placement within the centre/corps.
  • Follow clear recruitment and selection processes to increase the likelihood volunteer placements are appropriate.
  • Use of a role profile so expectations and boundaries are clear to everyone.
  • Induction so a new volunteer has a greater insight into their role and specifically the centre/corps culture.
  • Training for TSA personnel in supervising volunteers.
  • Acknowledging and responding to unsatisfactory volunteer conduct or performance.
  • Timely and respectful dispute resolution between volunteers and staff.
  • Defined channels for volunteers to voice ideas or criticisms.


Recognition Activities

'Thank you' sermon outline and accompanying PowerPoint slides (16x9) (1MB)

Certificate of Appreciation

Card with the message "We think you are fabulous"

Card with the message "We thank God for you"

Card with the message "We think you're great"

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Understand motivation for volunteering

People volunteer for a variety of reasons and the motivation could change over time.

A volunteer may begin to fulfil study requirements and stay to gain experience in their field, then continue volunteering to serve the community or maintain relationships.

  1. Ask your volunteer why they like to volunteer.
  2. Try to satisfy the motivation if practical.
  3. Read the VR Management Handbook (pg 35-41) for ideas

People volunteer to:

  • to develop their skills
  • serve the community
  • make friends
  • fulfil Centrelink obligations or study requirements
  • gain experience
  • serve God
  • Utilise their skills and feel valuable
  • make contacts in the sector
  • other reasons

Volunteer Engagement Management Handbook V2

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