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The Volunteer Management System (VMS) has a list of potential volunteers.

Contact your Volunteer Resources Coordinator to gain a login to VMS

Before contacting an applicant listed in the Volunteer Recruitment Pool, refer to their registration date and consider how much time has lapsed as their availability may have changed

Volunteer Mangement System Information

Volunteer Management System

VMS How To Guide

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Advertise the role—for free

If there are no suitable applicants in the Volunteer Recruitment Pool, the next step is to advertise the role.

There are a number of places suitable to advertise: TSA website via VMS, Word-of-mouth, Volunteer peak bodies, Seek.com.au

  1. To advertise on the TSA website create a role within the VMS, write a description then click 'advertise'. If you need help composing the ad, refer to the Role Profile you created or sourced (See Plan).
  2. If you want the Volunteer Resources Team to help you advertise, the Volunteer Recruitment form will guide you to the key elements in an advertisement
  3. To advertise via word-of-mouth encourage existing staff and volunteers to spread the word (ensure existing staff and volunteers feel valued firstly).
  4. To advertise with the state volunteer peak body find their contact details here.
  5. SEEK is Australia's largest employment website, and they also promote volunteering opportunities for free. TSA is already registered so ask your Volunteer Resource Team to create this advertisment within the Salvation Army SEEK account.


Volunteer  Recruitment Form

Volunteer peak bodies


Contact the Volunteer Resource Team

Thrift Shop Flyer Template

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Prepare for interviews

Do not be tempted to jump straight into recruitment without an interview—what appears on paper does not always translate in reality.

  • Set up interview times. 
  • Organise an appropriate quiet location for the interview.
  • Review the role profile.
  • Prepare how you will explain TSA as an organisation and the program the volunteer role sits within.
  • Draft interview questions.
  • Consider how you will respond to possible questions.
  • Organise a note taker for the interview (possibly yourself).

Volunteer interview guide

Interview sample questions

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Conduct the interview/s

  • Set the tone (thank the applicant for coming in, outline format of the interview and introduce the interview panel)
  • Describe the role (drawing on the role profile)
  • Ask prepared questions and ask when they can commence should they be selected for the role
  • Allow time for the applicant to ask you questions
  • Thank the applicant for their time and let them know what they can expect to hear further from you

Sample interview introduction

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Step Five
Reflect after interview/s

Consider: competency, character and culture

  • Does the applicant have the necessary attributes, skills and qualifications to fullfil the role?
  • Does the applicant have the time and other necessities (such as access to a car or transport to get to volunteer location) to commit to the role?
  • Will the applicant fit within the culture of TSA and your specific site?

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Legal Considerations

There are a variety of commonwealth and state anti-discrimination laws that can apply to the recruitment of volunteers.

To minimise the risk of discrimination:

  • Use a role profile.
  • When advertising only include the requirements that relate to the skills and experience needed for the role.
  • Prepare interview questions that relate directly to the role requirements.
  • Discrimination is not unlawful in certain circumstances. For example, if it concerns the provision of welfare services where those services would be most effectively provided by someone with a particular attribute, such as being a certain national origin.

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