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Plan your volunteer engagement



What is the purpose for volunteer involvement?
A needs analysis will help you accurately determine your needs.

Needs analysis

Considering Corporate Volunteers or 'Work for the dole'?

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Can you support a volunteer?
Do you have the resources to accommodate a volunteer? Is there someone who can supervise and support a new volunteer?

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Find the right person for the role.
Is there a Role Profile developed for this task/s, or do you need support to create one?

This will be needed at later stages and will require signatures.

Role Profiles

Role Profile Template

Key Capability Framework
These documents will help you complete the role profile

Capability Framework Introductory Handbook
National Capabilites

Doorways Roles

Administration and Data Entry
ER Interviewer
Food Room Assistant

Cafe & Catering Roles

Check the regulations with your local council to determine whether a Food Handling Certificate is required for your volunteers in these roles.

Cafe Attendant
Cafe Catering Team Leader
Catering Assistant
Outreach Meals Assistant

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Legal Risks

There is a risk a volunteer may expect employee entitlement from TSA.
To minimise the risk, volunteer status must be crystal clear. Read the Volunteer Engagement Management Handbook and all volunteer resources to minimise the risk and any possible confusion. Pages 14, 20, 26 and 31 deal with elements of risk.

Contact the Volunteer Resources Team if an employee's part-time position is the same as the proposed volunteer role.

Volunteer engagement management handbook V2

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