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These pages are designed to provide you with access to what you need to know when engaging a range of different categories of mission volunteers across all areas of TSA. Mission Volunteers make up the biggest portion of our workforce and the Volunteer Resources team are keen to support you in knowing how best to support your greatest resource – you and your people.

To find templates, forms and materials please scroll down and first click on your mission volunteer category.

But first, who is a mission volunteer? 

Mission Volunteer is the newly endorsed territorial term which unites our varied unpaid workforce expressions. The Executive Mission Council (EMC) met on Tuesday, 2 July 2019 and the Chief Secretary approved the definition of our worker types. With this decision, we will now be using the endorsed term 'Mission Volunteer' which unites our varied unpaid workforce expressions under one term. The definition of Mission Volunteer is: 

“A mission volunteer is anyone who contributes time, service and skills without expectation of financial gain from TSA in order to assist in accomplishing the mission.”

This would include people who engage in service for a variety of reasons such as an expression of faith, to make a positive difference in the world, to gain knowledge and work experience, and to create new social connections.

Questions? Check out the below resources: 
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