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Pamela HanneyIntroducing The Salvation Army’s Doorways CSS - Emergency Relief Handbook

This Web Page introduces The Salvation Army’s Doorways CSS – Emergency Relief Handbook. The handbook has been developed as a guide for the delivery of consistent ER practices and process in all TSA Community Support Service (CSS) sites across the Australia Southern Territory. It is designed to provide a reference tool, procedural/instructional guide and training resource to inform the delivery of Emergency Relief under the Doorways Philosophy. 

Web Access

You can click on the tabs bars at the top of this page to access each Section of the Handbook i.e.

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: TSA Emergency Relief Delivery

Section 3: DSS Contract – ER Delivery

Section 4: Policy Documents

Section 5: Forms, Templates and Appendices

Section 6: Resource Links.


PDF Version of Doorways CSS – Emergency Relief Handbook

You can access the entire document via the PDF below.

Doorways CSS ER Handbook - Update June 2017

Summary of Changes in Update No. 1 as at 30 June, 2017

The file below summarises the changes included in the Doorways CSS/ER Handbook Update No. 1 as at 30 June, 2017.

Doorways Handbook Update Summary - June 2017

Doorways Image

The Salvation Army’s Doorways Philosophy

Doorways is the innovative and holistic philosophy that guides The Salvation Army’s (TSA) delivery of Emergency Relief (ER) services across TSA‘s Australia Southern Territory (AUS).

The Doorways philosophy embodies the principle that TSA Emergency Relief services are an entry point or the first doorway to a continuum of wrap around services that are focussed on helping clients move to a more stable future.   Under the Doorways approach ER services address both the immediate crisis needs of clients and provide a pathway to a deeper engagement through provision of case management, mentoring and referrals, to assist client to tackle the underlying issues plus build connection into the community and to other service providers.

Doorways  is an integrated services framework targeted to supporting individuals and families explore options, to develop strategies and skills to assist them to establish their own pathway out of poverty and welfare dependency. It is validated by TSA’s Doorways research ([1]Time Trust Respect) that highlights that building relationships and providing integrated services in a capacity building framework are critical elements to assist clients to achieve "long term" outcomes.

Doorways encapsulates the deeply held resolve of The Salvation Army to provide services that make a difference in the lives of the people we support.

[1] Time Trust Respect – Case Management in Emergency Relief:  The Doorways Model  - The Salvation Army 2014