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Mission and the Neighbourhood

Download the full 'mission resource pack' here.

We are living in a world experiencing social change like never before. Globalisation and social media are significantly expanding our world – we can laugh at the same meme as a young adult in Nepal, we can walk down the street and enjoy a meal from Columbia, while we watch in real time as people fleeing Syria tweet their fear. We are connected to multiple cultures, societies and people like never before.

But are we also becoming increasingly disconnected? Social isolation and exclusion are very real experiences for many Australians. Yet, at a time when countless people are looking for connection, friendship and belonging, many churches are shrinking.

When our lives are transformed by God’s love, we, as individuals and a church, are then called to participate in God’s mission to reveal his Kingdom on earth. That means not only loving God but also loving our neighbours.

When Jesus was asked which is the most important Commandment he replied:

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and your entire mind” the second commandment is equally important: “love your neighbour as yourself”

So at its core, mission is simply to love God and love others – that’s how we obey God and join his mission to extend his kingdom on earth.

But have we forgotten the second commandment? As we just read, Jesus said the second commandment is as important as the first. They are intrinsically connected: we cannot love God without loving others (and vice versa) - when we love others we love God.

David Bosch in his highly acclaimed book Transforming Mission wrote: “Mission is thereby seen as a movement from God to the world; the church is viewed as an instrument for that mission. There is church because there is mission, not vice versa. To participate in mission to participate in the movement of God’s love towards people, since God is a fountain of sending love”.

Included in this pack are resources designed to deepen understanding of mission. We have put together resources for meetings, a list of educational resources for those who want to go deeper and an opinion piece. If you have any questions regarding the content of this pack please contact Just Salvos at justsalvos@aus.salvationarmy.org

Mission of God text over image of cityPrayer

We have put together a prayer that can be used within a church service. Available here.

Prayer Activity

We have also put together a prayer activity that encourages people to consider where God is at work in their neighbourhood. It is available here.


These short videos discuss the mission of the Church.

  • What is the Church? Watch here.
  • Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole World. Watch here.
  • What is Church? Watch here.
  • Missional Community – Simple. Watch here.
  • The Missional Church – Simple. Watch here.

Sermon Outline

A sermon outline on God’s Mission has been prepared by Captain Peter Hobbs. It is available here.