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Army says ‘No’ to racially and economically determined income management (IM)

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In a senate submission on 1 February 2012, The Salvation Army’s Australia Southern Territory opposed the use of mandatory income management.
The territory called for greater communication and consultation, clear evidence of income management impact and efficacy as an isolated strategy, and the pursuit of collaborative approaches to implementing social change in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. ‘It is clear,’ the submission contended, ‘that the Government must be asked to withdraw the proposed legislation in its current form.’
Concerning the imminent roll-out of income management in 10 impoverished Australian communities (scheduled for July 2012), the Australia Southern Territory told the senate it ‘holds significant concerns about the policy directions of the Australian Government that seek to target recipients of income security payments through compulsory income management’ and ‘holds strong objections to the expansion of the initiative to designated highly disadvantaged areas’.
Click here for the Australia Southern Territory’s submission to the Australian Senate regarding income management across Australia

Click here for researcher Eva Cox’s assertion re income management in Aboriginal communities that ‘existing studies showed no reliable evidence of benefits to individuals or communities

Click here for the Australian Human Rights Commission’s social justice report on the human rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for the 2010/2011 period. http://www.humanrights.gov.au/social_justice/sj_report/sjreport11/index.html

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