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A Movement of Hope

Mental Health Issue

To tell your story is to invite someone into your heart. It is sharing your pain, hurt and victories with another person. The knowledge that this vulnerability can help others inspired the Hope Movement team to name our first campaign ‘The Storytellers’. Yet it was only after we started this campaign and invited people to share their own journeys that we realised how important being a story teller is.

Hope Movement was formed as a result of the intertwining of stories. Each member of the team has encountered a time of desperation, whether this be through chronic illness, anxiety, depression, grief or an eating disorder. It is in these times that our Christian faith and the helping hand of a friend motivated us to seek help. With the support of these people and community services, each of us have been able to overcome our personal obstacles and see that our lives have purpose.

Through the sharing of our stories we have realised that we are not alone in our struggles. Each person we encounter is experiencing something, and many need encouragement just to last another day. It is because of this that Hope Movement was born. Hope Movement is an organisation focused on connecting 12 to 30 year-olds with credible local services in their community. Generation Y face a wide variety of issues and statistics have shown that this has resulted in mental illness and suicide becoming a leading cause of death. As an organisation, Hope Movement exists to point this generation to the fantastic help that is already available; we are a bridge if you like, between Gen Y and the help they need. 

Currently developing our website, Hope Movement aims to become a leading source of information for young people on the internet by providing them with an extensive range of services across Australia. In addition to this database, we also share the stories of everyday people to break the stigma that envelops issues like mental illness. By combining the art of storytelling with a list of the resources that are so desperately needed, Hope Movement desires to bring light to a generation we know to be lost and broken.

It is through the telling of our stories that the Hope Movement team, and our near 1,500 Facebook friends, aspire to show our generation that they are not alone, that tomorrow can be better, and that hope is here. We have quickly realised that Hope Movement is far greater than the stories of six friends; rather it is a movement of young people rising up and declaring that their generation is one worth fighting for.

 Hope Movement LogoHope Movement is an organisation representing a movement of people focused on sharing HOPE through an internet community offering encouragement, support, information, love and practical advice regarding life shaping issues for those aged 12-30years. The HM community networks with a community of support professionals for people to refer to. Hope Movement exists to provide resources for and to create awareness regarding the vast amount of issues generation y face daily including, but not limited to; depression, alcohol, drugs, anorexia, bullying, and mental health issues.

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