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Christmas and our Global Neighbour

Australians are about to spend $8.3 billion on Christmas presents alone, plus a whopping $1.3 billion on Christmas groceries! Yet, globally, over 836 million people still live in extreme poverty! This Christmas, what does it mean for us to consider our global neighbours?


“The boundary of your state is not the boundary of your moral concern”.

Kwame Anthony Appiah

Below are some resources we've put together to assist individuals in their understanding of social justice, particularly during the Christmas season. You can download the full pack here.

Think Piece

"Jesus came to a messy world.  Things were far from perfect, and yet by Jesus’ very presence in the world, darkness was overcome by light – light that radiated out and provided a sense of hope and a possible new reality". Read our think piece on loving our global neighbours by Major Kalie Webb here.

Meeting Resources – Prayers

Download a responsive prayer for Christmas here.

Meeting Resources – Videos  

There are some great examples of how organisations and companies are walking alongside our global neighbours and making a difference in their lives.

  • The Salvation Army’s Child Sponsorship Department assists children and their communities in over 30 countries worldwide. Watch a short video that discusses the different programs The Salvation Army runs that assist thousands of vulnerable children, here 
  • Watch a 2 minute video about how a company is preventing the spread of mosquito spread diseases, here 
  • Read about the work of TEAR in the Slums of Thane here

Ethical Christmas Shopping

Consider purchasing your Christmas gifts from a guaranteed ethical supplier. We’ve put together a list of ethical Christmas shopping stores.

Additional Information

We contacted officers who are, or have previously served in international appointments. Read here to find out how this experience has shaped their engagement with our global neighbours.