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Refugee Week 2016

Refugee Week runs from the 19th - 25th of June, with World Refugee Day being celebrated on 20th June. Below are some resources Just Salvos have put together to help you and your community engage and participate in Refugee Week 2016.

Download the full resource pack here.

A think peice is available here

Worship Resources

  • Sermon Outline – Welcoming the Other Available here
  • Prayer resources – For the Weak and Vulnerable, Let Us See, available here.

Theological Resources

The Salvation Army’s positional statement on people seeking refuge and asylum can be accessed here.

Guidelines for Salvationists on people seeking refuge and asylum can be found here.

The Salvation Army’s policy statements for 2016/17 include the Salvation Army in Australia’s position on the treatment of those seeking asylum and refuge. These can be accessed here.

Bible Study series (Anglican Church of Western Australia)

Bible Study series (Ride for Refugees Australia)

Both these sites offer an excellent Bible study series on Scriptural responses to people seeking refuge and asylum. The Ride for Refugees resource is a little more accessible for those starting their exploration of justice in the Scriptures.

Other churches have also considered their theological response to people seeking refuge and asylum:

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce

Uniting Justice Australia


Educational Resources

Multimedia: There are two documentaries that are well worth watching to explore asylum seekers in Australia.

“Freedom Stories” - The remarkable documentary 'Freedom Stories' tells the heartening stories of people who arrived in Australia seeking asylum around 2001. This landmark feature documentary charts the challenges and successes of finding safety in Australia, and building a new life, while dealing with the feelings conjured up by what has been left behind.

“Go Back to Where you Came From” – SBS filmed three series of this documentary, which followed the journey of six ordinary Australians who agreed to challenge their preconceptions and trace in reverse the journeys that people seeking refuge and asylum have taken to reach Australia.

YouTube links:

A Summary of the Syrian Refugee Crisis can be found here.


The Refugee Week Resource Kit has an extensive website resource list. Here are a few of the most helpful:

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre: The ASRC website offers information about issues facing asylum seekers and the current asylum seeker debate. As well as a comprehensive ‘Myth Busters’ page, and current campaigns, there are also personal stories from asylum seekers.

Refugee Council of Australia - RCOA is the national umbrella advocacy body working on refugee issues in Australia.

UNHCR website – If you interested in the international response to people seeking refuge and asylum, the United Nations have excellent statistics and a global perspective on the issue. The 2014 UNHCR Global Trends report can be accessed here.


Action and Support Resources

Election Resources

With the Federal Election only weeks away, it is worthwhile looking at each party’s policies regarding those seeking asylum. Here are links to the major parties’ policy platforms:

Australian Labor Party

The Greens

Liberal Party

National Party


Love Makes a Way

Love Makes a Way is a movement of Christians seeking an end to Australia’s inhumane asylum seeker policies through prayer and nonviolent love in action.

Love Makes A Way organises events and actions, including civil disobedience actions, to publicly witness to and dramatise the injustice of Australia’s asylum seeker policies, to awaken the conscience of the church and wider community, and to point to a better way.

You can see their work and get involved through their website, Facebook, or Twitter (@lovemakesaway,  #LoveMakesAWay)


A group of churches have invoked the historical concept of sanctuary by offering their buildings as a place for asylum seekers at risk of being sent to Nauru to reside. Click here for more information.

Salvation Army Asylum Seeker Support

The Salvation Army’s Asylum Seeker Support Services are found in Tinning Street, Brunswick. Their details can be accessed here.

Write a letter to your MP

The “A Just Australia” website offers guidelines on writing a letter on a particular issue here.