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Just Salvos attempts to bring attention to the problems that women and children face, as the most oppressed group in the world: poverty, inequality and consequent dysfunction in society

Sexualisation of Children

While victims of injustice and poverty have always had trouble being heard, none have had more trouble, historically, than children. In the Bible, we are told specifically to care for children as they are listed among the most vulnerable victims of injustice.

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Resource Pack -Sexualisation of Children

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Prayer Guide
Rights overview
Salvation Army Submission billboard regulations 2011
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Walter Wants Wings

This Children's book is available for purchase at $7.00. It is a beautiful story about a caterpillar named Walter who is looking for a pair of butterfly wings, with a message about how important it is for kids to enjoy the age that they are. To purchase the book contact The Salvation Army Trade Department or Justsalvos@aus.salvationarmy.org

Walter Wants Wings


Federal Election Statement 2013

Prayer Guide: A tool to be used during prayer for individuals affected by family and domestic violence.

Referral Services: A list of services available for individuals experiencing family and domestic violence within Australia.

Understanding Family and Domestic Violence: A useful document that explains family and domestic violence.

Eliminate Violence Against Women:The National Campaign to Eliminate Violence Against Women.

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