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Going Further

Here at Just Salvos we are often asked, “How can I get involved”? Much to people’s annoyance we frequently respond with more questions.

  • Where are you placed?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your skills and/or qualifications?
  • What resources do you have?

Chances are, your answers to these questions are a good indication of how God wants you to participate in social justice and help to usher in the Kingdom of God.

For example, a few years ago I decided to commence study in the field of International Development. As part of my course, I enrolled in a subject on sustainable development. Within 20 minutes of the first lecture I was completely overwhelmed; I was surrounded by economists, geologists and environmental experts, all of whom spoke in an arcane technical jargon that was, to me, a foreign language. I came from a psychology background—brains and behavioural studies were my specialty.

Thirty minutes later I had convinced myself that this subject was way over my head. I would have to leave the course and transfer into another. I spoke to the professor and explained that I came from psychology background and didn’t think I was suited for this subject. His response was surprising: “Brilliant! We need psychology in sustainable development!” I was a bit stunned, but what I learned as my course progressed is that my psychology background added a unique and desired perspective to the subject. Additionally, I already had skills and abilities that helped me get through this course, and I was able to develop these as I progressed through the subject.

Our participation in the Kingdom of God is similar—we all have skills and abilities that God uses to usher in the Kingdom. We are all invited to participate in restoring his Kingdom, and we are equipped to do so. Sometimes trying to find out how we can participate in the restoration of the Kingdom can be overwhelming, but Fabienne Fredrickson offers this advice: ‘The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.’ We all have passions that God has placed on our heart and skills that he uses as we participate in his work of restoring the Kingdom. How will you join him?

  • What are you passionate about? Have you considered how your passions may be used to reveal the Kingdom of God?
  • What skills, talents and qualifications do you have that can be used to help usher in the Kingdom?
  • Where are you placed? Look around your neighbourhood and communities to see what injustices are prevalent. Consider how God may be asking you to respond to these.
  • What resources do you have? You don’t always need a program to participate in the restoration of the Kingdom. Consider how you can use your home, car, communities, money and time to seek justice.