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Invite the Salvos to School

school engagement

29 January 2018

As the school year continues for primary and secondary students, pupils, parents and teachers are invited to discuss the benefits of having Salvation Army representatives contribute to the school year.

‘When we teach young people about social issues, inequality and injustice, we’re empowering them with the empathy and understanding required to make a positive difference in the world,’ say the Salvos. ‘Introducing young people to concepts of social justice early allows them to inform their own values, lets them know they’re part of something bigger and inspires them to get involved. And by developing an appreciation of the world around them, young people learn that, whatever they’re going through, they’re not alone. 

‘Our schools teams offers programs, workshops and tours to primary and secondary school students to raise awareness and challenge young people to bring about positive change. We have a range of programs aligned with state curriculum, and The Oasis Program on youth homelessness is in line with the national curriculum for Year 9 Health and Physical Education.’
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