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Salvation Army celebrates ‘T Street’ with e-Book

25 July 2018

The Salvation Army acknowledged 40 years of accommodating homeless youth through Tranmere Street by launching an eBook entitled ‘Shelter From The Storm’, on Wednesday, 27 June.

T Street historic image

T Street, described in a poem by Major Graeme McClimont as ‘a place of both hope and chaos…for so many a place of grace’, has sheltered thousands of young people struggling to cope with their situations.

Launching the eBook, which is largely the result of good work by chaplain Les Smith, Major Michael Coleman thanked past and present staff, and cited the Dalai Lama, Gandhi and Jesus Christ’s teaching that ‘whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me’.

‘So many people learnt to do youth work and work in a team at T Street,’ reflected Major David Eldridge, ‘and our teachers were the young people and other team members.’

The major cited social reformer Brian Burdekin’s comments about Tranmere Street and Crossroads, saying that they ‘are programs that value the worth of the human soul’.

Les Smith, in closing, said ‘it may sound like a grand romantic notion, but I hope that, one day, youth homelessness and homelessness in general will be eradicated. We need to continue the fight.’
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