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Thanks for your support

Red Shield Appeal Volunteers
21 June 2018

The Salvation Army thanks the 70,000 Australians* who supported the annual Red Shield appeal national doorknock weekend by volunteering their time to collect, and by making donations to the appeal.

The Salvation Army’s territorial marketing and fundraising director** David Drysdale told e-connect that ‘we are extremely grateful for every dollar donated and for every person who donated their time to help us. We have thousands of volunteers around Australia who support us through the appeal doorknock, and those hours that they give helping us collect translate into a year of service we can give to Australians in need.’

Explaining that The Salvation Army ‘simply couldn’t run a doorknock of this size and scope without our volunteers,’ David pointed out the use that the funds will be put to good use throughout winter and beyond.

‘As winter hits, The Salvation Army is helping marginalised people through its family support services, especially with heating bills going through the roof, and we are continuing to provide shelter to homeless people.

‘The recent release of census data has shown that the national homelessness count has risen from 105,000 to 116,000 Australians being homeless on any given night.’

The Red Shield Appeal’s national interim doorknock total for 2018 was $4.4 million; Others reported it had reached $6.3 million by 14 June.*** With donations still being processed and received, the figure is to be finalised by the close of June.

This 2018 figure follows national interim doorknock totals of approximately $4.7 million (2017), $4.75 million (2016), $4.8 million (2015), $4.97 million (2014), $6.17 million (2013) $6.6 million (2012), approximately $7 million (2011), and $6.8 million (2010).

The doorknock is a significant but smaller part of the overall Red Shield Appeal, which runs throughout the year and includes support from corporate Australia. The national doorknock goal for 2018 was $9.5 million, while the overall national Red Shield Appeal target for 2018 is $73 million.****
* As reported by Othersothers.org.au/news/2018/06/14/red-shield-appeal-plants-seeds-of-hope
**An Australian Southern territorial position; the two Australian territories of The Salvation Army will function as one national territory from 1 January 2019. 
*** others.org.au/news/2018/06/14/red-shield-appeal-plants-seeds-of-hope
**** www.sarmy.org.au/en/Social/eConnect/Development/Launched-vigorously-