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Engaging with Tasmanian men

Engaging with Tasmanian men

Late last month The Salvation Army launched a joint research project (with the University of Tasmania) into ‘Increasing men's awareness of the effects on children exposed to family and domestic violence’. Guests included the Governor of Tasmania, the Hon. Kate Warner AM, the state’s children's commissioner,  Mark Morrissey, the Canadian founder of the ‘Caring Dads’ program, Professor Katreena Scott, and researcher Dr Peter Lucas.

Mr Morrissey noted that while family violence has serious if not fatal consequences for women, the effect on their children can also be devastating and long-lasting.

‘We know that growing up with violence in the home can have devastating and lasting effects on children,’ he said, ‘with consequences for their health and wellbeing, their performance at school, their future relationships and their capacity to be fully participating members of our community. We are only now beginning to understand how children affected by family violence cope, how they are affected, what contributes to their resilience and what they need.’

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