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Family Domestic Violence - walking towards solutions

Walking towards solutions - Family Domestic Violence

In an action mirrored across the country and the world, hundreds of men and women gathered in Melbourne’s Federation Square on White Ribbon Day, 25 November. They gathered together to march, protesting against the abuse of power that characterises Family and Domestic Violence.

Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Graham Ashton AM, lent the weight of his office and the presence of numerous police officers to the day, telling e-connect that FDV had affected his family personally and that it was the number one work priority for Victoria Police.

It’s a stance that is reflected in growing awareness and reportage. 

Earlier this year The Monthly had reported that ‘in Victoria alone, police were called out to 65,393 domestic violence incidents in 2013–14 – twice as many as in 2009–10. Of those, almost 30,000 were serious enough for police to press charges.

‘Victims are reporting more frequently, but women’s services say the actual rate of domestic violence is also increasing, as is the severity of the physical attacks. Despite growing confidence in the police, it’s still a massively under-reported crime: police estimate they only get called out to 40–50% of cases.’ https://www.themonthly.com.au/issue/2015/march/1425128400/jess-hill/home-truths

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