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Hard core mission - What does mission mean?

e-connect looks at the scope of current Salvation Army mission in the Australia Southern Territory

Any discussion of Salvation Army social work/community engagement includes the following aspects, as The Salvation Army – a part of the Christian church – is an international movement and NGO. Organisationally we facilitate the sponsorship of hundreds of children and institutions in numerous countries throughout the world; the Australian sponsors provide funds that pay for food, clean water/wells, clothing, accommodation, medical care, education, spiritual guidance etc.

On a similar note, Salvationists, corps and services allocate and raise funds that are used at the discretion of Salvation Army leadership to support social welfare work and evangelical work by Salvationists and Salvation Army in other countries.
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When it comes to ‘what mission is and means’ right here in the Australia Southern Territory (all of Australia except for Queensland, New South Wales and the Australia Capital Territory), The Salvation Army:
* provides beds, clothes and meals for people who have no home * finds missing persons (family tracing) * provides detox/rehab facilities * provides employment services * shelters women and children who have survived family and domestic violence * counsels sexual offenders * runs PLP (Positive Lifestyle Program) courses for members of the general public and court-appointed persons * provides emergency relief in the form of vouchers etc. * provides financial counselling and case management to clients * works therapeutically with children who have witnessed/experienced domestic violence * runs men's sheds to tackle male alienation * runs a business for intellectually and physically disabled people * provides chaplaincy in numerous areas (police, hospitals, fire brigade, ambulance, shopping centres, rural, courts, prisons, The Salvation Employment Plus, military, etc.) * provides practical assistance, chaplaincy and emotional/spiritual support after disasters, immediate and long-term  * provides a half-way intermediary service for people re custody of children and access visits * provides advocacy services for disadvantaged people * takes abused children/teenagers on experiential/cultural immersion inter-state holidays throughout Australia * provides counselling services for people addicted to gambling * works with refugees/asylum seekers/immigrants * provides toys to children each Christmas (runs toy banks)* provides food parcels to those in need (runs food banks) * runs a visitation service to isolated settlements and cattle stations via plane (the Flying Padre) * runs holiday camps for disadvantaged children * runs education programs and facilities for children and adults * is protecting and housing trafficked women * engages with sex workers and street kids through soup runs, providing blankets, etc. * runs a 24/hour homelessness case management phone service * works with suicidal people, people with mental health concerns, etc., and works with those who have been bereaved by suicide * runs needle and syringe exchange programs, distributes condoms to sex workers, etc., in harm minimisation programs * runs music appreciation classes for toddlers and parents, runs children's playgroups/creches etc. * runs men's counselling groups and hosts AA, Sex Addicts' Anonymous groups, etc. * runs social justice work, re fair trade, fundraising efforts for overseas poverty alleviation, etc. * runs community gardens to feed people and teach them cooking skills.

There are probably other additional mission initiatives, but these aspects of the work above are all operational in this territory.