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Helping asylum seekers and refugees in Melbourne

Asylum seeker and refugee service centre report

The Salvation Army Asylum Seeker and Refugee Services has reported on its Emergency Relief and Community Development work (July-December 2014), through the agency of two part-time staff, two Salvation Army officers working on a full-time capacity and 20 volunteers.

The community development work includes mentoring to asylum seeker and refugees, case work and referral services, English Language classes for Iranian asylum seekers, community engagement (organising events and information sessions, etc.), volunteer recruitment, training and management.

A loss of $52,000 in funding prompted a review of the ER and material aid program. Research with three neighbouring Salvation Army Community Support Service Centres and team consultation led to reducing the dollar amount of ER Assistance given to clients, rather than reduce the number of appointments. Thus, from August to December, clients received half the dollar amount in vouchers they had previously received. The funding loss meant the closure of an educational assistance program at the end of May 2014.
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