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Living justly

Love thy neighbour - justice conference
Original Photo by Jacob Dyer

A third annual national ecumenical justice conference was held in Melbourne on Friday, Saturday, 27, 28 October 2017, and attended by approximately 1,000 people. Guest speakers including Dr Michael Frost, Melinda Tankard-Reist, Lisa Sharon Harper, and Salvation Army officer Major Brendan Nottle. Amanda Merrett, assistant to the Australia Southern Territory’s social justice secretary, also facilitated a discussion on grassroots activism – ‘being missionaries in our own backyard’ – featuring Salvationists Captain Peter Hobbs, Captain Gen Peterson and Casey O'Brien-Machado.

Topics included international aid, ‘gender justice’, the environment and climate change, globalisation, reconciliation, poverty alleviation and human trafficking. ‘It was exciting to see about 30 other Salvo participants,’ Amanda told e-connect, ‘and to share in an ecumenical setting what The Salvation Army is doing in these areas.

The Salvation Army was a gold partner of the event, along with Baptist World Aid Australia, CBM, World Vision and Open Doors.
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For information about next year’s conference (26,27 October 2018), see: www.thejusticeconference.com.au