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Men’s action research project funded

The Salvation Army, through its Safe from the Start program and in partnership with the University of Tasmania (UTAS), will put a federal grant to use in funding ‘an action research project to develop a Family and Domestic Violence training module specifically for men.

father and child

The module, ‘in consultation with key stakeholders,’ aims to ‘increase awareness for men who use violence of the impact of their violence on their children.  The goal is to encourage men to be caring dads, and educate men on the potential impacts their behaviour can have on their child’s happiness and safety.’

Safe from the Start training has now been delivered in all Australian states at over 180 locations, and at The Salvation Army New Zealand and the UK.  The training is conducted by Dr Wilma Gallet and Nell Kuilenburg. Over 900 resource kits have also been distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK. 

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