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Roofs over heads

Mark DallSalvation Army Housing and Salvation Army Housing Victoria CEO Mark Dall has welcomed the release of the latest research from the federal government’s Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)
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The decades-long growth of negative gearing as an income minimisation strategy and taxation offset, and the increasing part-time nature of work, mean that the humble Australian dream of home ownership comes with a sometimes crippling impact for some Salvation Army clients and is beyond the aspirations of other clients.
The AIHW study showed that the proportion of households renting in Australia has grown from 18% in 1995/95 to 25% in 2012/13.

The proportion of Australian households with a mortgage had grown from 30% in 1994/95 to 37% in 2011/2012, while the percentage of Australian households without a mortgage has declined from 42% in 1994/95 to 31% in 2012/13.

‘With part-time and under-employment, the working poor are increasing in number here in Australia,’ said Mr Dall. ‘There are more renters and rent is unaffordable for more of them.

‘Interest rates are down and the housing market is up, leading to more and higher loans. Baby boomers are moving through the market, owning and disposing of their own homes.

‘There is also a skewing of the country’s personal economic profiles. While it is well reported, it gives rise to support services planning that must look to the next five to 10 years at least.

‘With 150 years of success in the field, the Salvos are well versed in long-term demographic forecasting, and the timely matching of social policy and support with need.’  
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