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Doorways open for business

Doorways open for business

The momentum of Doorways implementation across The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory is accelerating, the positive progress is being driven by strong support from leadership in each of the divisional headquarters, and high levels of interest, energy and excitement from staff and volunteers.

This excitement was clearly evident in the dynamic and positive approach displayed by corps officers, staff and volunteers involved in a recent Doorways Planning Day in the Western Australia Division. When discussing aspirational goals, participants stated that being seen as a leader in the sector was where they wanted to be positioned. Further, they believe that the innovative (cutting edge) holistic Doorways approach provides the vehicle to propel The Salvation Army to be recognised as ‘the leader’ and the means to be ‘the best there is’ in the delivery of emergency relief and community support services.

The Doorways Reference Group has been established, with representation from all Salvation Army divisions. A key priority of this group is the development and implementation of a national training strategy for all staff and volunteers involved in Doorways sites and emergency relief and community support services sites across the territory. Additional information about the creative and innovative initiatives being developed and delivered within Doorways sites across the territory will be distributed to staff via a Doorways enewsletter, the first edition of which is scheduled for March 2012.

The Australia Southern Territory's Northern Victoria Division and the Northern Territory Region are in the planning and development stages of the Doorways philosophy of emergency relief provision, case management services and other services.

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