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The power of positive thinking

Lynette Stock, the Hobart PLP facilitator, reflects on a successful training day earlier this year.

The Positive Lifestyle Program (PLP) is an effective tool to help others. Back on 20 September an informal workshop for 14 participants resulted in a day of sharing resources, ideas and feedback on how the program is working.

We were thrilled to have the territorial PLP trainer, Major Christine Pickens, come and share her knowledge. It was especially good to hear of her extensive use of the program within Employment Plus and the justice system.

Envoy Ronda McIntyre opened the morning with the beautiful story of Michelangelo carving away at a block of stone to release an angel that he could see inside. She suggested that PLP can release the ‘angel’ lodged within us all. Through the connections we make with these people relationships are formed; the potential is there to bring people into the Christian faith.

Each member introduced themselves and shared where they use, or will use, PLP. These include chaplaincy, Doorways, Employment Plus and corps settings. All present agreed that the skills learned in PLP are valuable in everyday situations, in dealing with people.

A new development with PLP is that it can now be used within care planning in our Doorways service. Mark Smalley and his wife Simone are working very hard in the Huon area to develop the program. PLP was also scheduled to be used more extensively in the north and north-west of the State.

Lively conversation took place all throughout the day: how can we advertise the program? How do we access resources, and work with other agencies? How do we improve the material? We gave feedback to Christine to take back to the working committee.

Christine closed the workshop with the story of Jesus at the pool of Bethesda and how the paralysed man wanted to be well –but was powerless to change without help. Positive Lifestyle facilitators can be the link to enable people to change by walking alongside them and allowing Jesus to work through them.