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Why do the Salvos exist?

Honoring Jesus call to mission -to marginalisedPhoto: Ben Hershey

24 January 2018

This article notes that The Salvation Army exists to love God and love others, by responding to people’s pain, grief, and loneliness; getting them fed, housed, clothed, trained or educated; see they’re treated by doctors or seen by counsellors; helping them secure a job, find a relative, or make a friend; protecting them from violence and sadism; and aiding their search for spiritual and physical salvation.

‘Sometimes dismissed belittingly, erroneously, as “bandaid work”, the social work of The Salvation Army often literally helps keep people alive and healthy. That work is part of our mission, according to Christ’s identified, prioritised commands. Consider also the research and advocacy the Army undertakes, looking at the causal factors behind people’s pain: systemic poverty, the benign neglect of those who have not, by those who have; and the inherent advantage enjoyed by some members of the community that consequently disadvantages others…

‘While people still suffer, while they lie down at night abused or bashed, raped or molested, lonely and neglected, despised and bullied, half-frozen or dehydrated from exposure, there will still be a Salvation Army…’
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