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Not lobbying, advocating

Australia emblem and The Salvation Army Shield
The Salvation Army has made a submission to the Australian Government about an electoral legislation amendment that ‘would change public perception of  charity/not-for-profit organisations that engages in advocacy over social issues on behalf of homeless and disadvantaged people in the community’.

The Salvation Army is not politically aligned; while acknowledging that ‘transparency regarding political donations is necessary to ensure Australians have full confidence in the electoral system,’ the submission states that the legislative change ‘would classify organisations such as The Salvation Army as a “political campaigner”, which would be ‘a step too far’.

‘These outcomes would fundamentally change the nature of Australian politics,’ it states. ‘Robust engagement and debate within the Australian community is a hallmark of our strong democracy and these measures have the potential to undermine this strength. Consequently, The Salvation Army urges the Australian Government to reject the Bill in this form.’

The submission further states that ‘The Salvation Army argues that the Bill goes much further than limiting the donations made by foreign entities to charities and not-for-profits that potentially influence Australian electoral outcomes. The Salvation Army believes the Bill places unprecedented and unnecessary new restrictions and reporting obligations on charities and not-for-profit organisations engaged in advocacy of social justice issues.’ 
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