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Salvation Army responds to federal Budget

‘There may be a few people tonight who will be glad about what they are getting out of this year’s Budget, but they won’t be any of the people, unfortunately, who come to The Salvation Army for help,’ Salvation Army spokesperson Captain Jason Davies-Kildea said in response to Treasurer Scott Morrison’s 2018 Budget.

Captain Jason Davies Kildea
‘If you are one of the 116,000 people who are homeless tonight, or one of the hundreds of thousands of people on a social housing waiting list, then unfortunately there is no good news for you in tonight’s budget. There has been a lot of talk in recent days about the inadequacy of the Newstart allowance, condemning people to live below the poverty line. And again, for those many, many people who are struggling on the lowest level of income in this country, their plight has gone unheard.

‘It hasn’t been heard by our government. Those people will continue to struggle with day to day needs; to keep a roof over their heads, to keep food in the cupboard, to keep the lights on…  For those who rely on Newstart or Youth Allowance to survive, the picture is even worse with some paying 80 per cent or more of their income to keep a roof over their head. Under these conditions, it is no surprise that the number of people falling into homelessness has been increasing.

‘While some low-income earners gain a little from taxation changes in this budget, there’s nothing for those surviving on the lowest income support payments. It's this group who are most in need, who are driven by desperation to the doors of The Salvation Army for help, but who are judged as undeserving by our government.’
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