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Salvos thank God for the public

20 April 2018

Red Shield Appeal volunteerEach day, The Salvation Army makes a practical difference in the lives of Australians, primarily – as outlined in its 2017-2018 policy statements – in the areas of poverty and disadvantage, Family and Domestic Violence (FDV), homelessness and housing, alcohol and other drugs, employment, and aged care.
Policy statements

The reality is that this policy direction would be only words without the financial support of everyday Australians. Next month, on Saturday, Sunday, 26,27 May, the annual national Red Shield Appeal will have Salvos and volunteers knocking on your door to ask for your help so that the salvos can help others.  

While the Salvos receive some funding from various governments to help others through actions such as their housing and crisis accommodation, their poverty alleviation, therapeutic drug counselling programs, Family and Domestic Violence programs, etc., without the funds raised by the public support of the Red Shield Appeal, much of their programs could not operate.
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