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Researching overdoses in Australia

Teen overdose

11 September 2018

A new report reveals that 2,177 Australians died in drug-related instances in 2016. That number represents a significant increase over 15 years; there were 1,231 drug-related deaths in 2002.

‘Of the 2,177 drug-related deaths in 2016, the majority (1,704) were accidental. Fifteen years ago in 2002, the number of accidental drug-related deaths was 903.’

The report noted an increase in overdose deaths in regional Australia (‘in 2016, the per capita rate for regional Australia had increased to 8.1 per 100,000 compared to a rate of 6.6 in metropolitan areas’) and observed that ‘almost 70% of all overdose deaths occurred within the 30-59 age bracket’.

Researching overdose in Australia Report

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