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Service to remote Indigenous communities

qpcThe Queensland Productivity Commission (QPC) has held an inquiry into service provision ‘to remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ was billed as ‘a “once-in-a-generation” opportunity to look at how Queensland policy and services can improve outcomes for communities’.

Around 40,100 people, or 20% of Queensland's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population, live in remote and discrete communities. Despite ‘large reported expenditures by all governments, social and economic outcomes remain behind the rest of the state’, and Indigenous leaders ‘were concerned about the level of service delivery funding actually “hitting the ground – they observed ineffective service provision in their communities and perverse outcomes’.

The research found that ‘the way expenditures are currently allocated is not effective in addressing the needs of communities. Our survey of key service areas in education, community safety, housing and health indicated complex underlying issues, which increase the risk of unintended and confounding consequences. Service delivery is a system, but channelling services through silos, and then more finely through grant and program funnels, is stifling responses to those complexities.’
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