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Foundations for Healthier Communities

State Budget Submission 2018 At the root of each of the tens of thousands of stories that lead people to the door of the Salvos each year is the need for a stable home. This simple, but too often elusive, goal is foundational for family and community life. Any other problem that people face becomes much more difficult to solve in the absence of a stable home.

It is important then, not only to help people find their way into homes, but also to help them hold onto their homes when something threatens that stability. Access to the right type and level of support when you need it can turn people away from more serious crises and help get them back on track. When things do go wrong, we need to put extra effort in to ensure that people don’t end up back in the same place again. A key protective factor is connection to community.

The Salvation Army's 2018-19 State Budget Submission details the investments Victoria needs for stable homes and healthier communities. Over the next few days, we'll be highlighting the key issues and how they can be solved. We believe that a stable home, support when you need it and connection to community are the building blocks to a better Victoria. With these foundations in place, we can all look forward to and benefit from healthier communities across the state.

The full submission can be downloaded here.