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Housing support for people with mental health issues

Pathways headingHanging onto housing that is affordable and meets your needs is getting more difficult for everyone, but it’s worse for people with mental illness. When everyday tasks can become overwhelming and social isolation limits your options for getting help, you don't need to add concern about keeping a roof over your head as well.

Consultations with Salvation Army frontline services in late 2017 revealed concerns about people without adequate mental health supports facing housing crises in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria. Some were discharged from hospitals without secure housing to go to and others were at risk of losing, or had recently lost, their housing.

It shouldn't be this way. We should ensure that mental health and housing services are able to work together, because a safe and stable place to call home is foundational for good health. So that's what we're asking the Victorian Government to do in this year's budget - invest in better systems and increase resources so that a mental health problem doesn't become a housing problem.

For more detailed discussion about this issue, see The Salvation Army Victoria 2018-19 State Budget Submission.