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Corps Cadets Mini Mag 3D

A Corps Cadet is a young follower of Jesus who is being discipled and is active in their corps and community. The program comes as a series of mini-mags, with a separate Leaders’ Guide and student books.

Click on the Corps Cadets Mini Mag for more info on Corps Cadets and Online Ordering.

Friday Night Fun is our evangelical and attractional youth group program.  FNF is easy to use, designed to require little preparation, low cost resources and able to be run anywhere.

Click on the image above for more info on FNF and to download FNF sessions and resources.

Summer Carnival is The Department of Youth's annual Youth Camp.

Summer Carnival 2019 took place on the 7th - 11th January.  Click HERE for more info.

Click HERE for more information about the annual Youth Ministers' conference.

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