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Victoria Social Programme and Policy Unit (VSPPU)

Election 2018 Infographic thumbnails

Election Matters - Issues to consider

On November 24, 2018, Victorians will go to the polls to elect the next state government. The Salvation Army works with governments of all political colours by advocating on the issues that drive people to our doors for help. While we remain politically non-partisan, we do call for specific evidence-based policies. We congratulate governments when they get it right and we challenge them when we think they've gotten it wrong.

Since the last election, we've sent dozens of submissions out to elected members of each party, including independents and minor parties. We've held fruitful conversations about the issues that matter with members of both houses of parliament. We've seen some positive steps and some missed opportunities.

This year, as the election approaches, we're encouraging everyone to engage with these issues and consider what each party is saying about them before you vote. We've pulled together the current 'state of play' on the areas we think are critical and outlined, in a series of easy-to-understand infographics, what we think needs to happen to fix the problems and build a better Victoria.

If you find these helpful, we encourage you to share them widely. The more people that show they care about these issues, the more likely we'll get a government that is invested in dealing with them.

For further details of current election commitments, see the VCOSS Policy Tracker. If you are interested in how your policy priorities and values align with different parties, The Age has a Policy Analysis Tool to help you.



Salvos applaud Vic mental health funding increase

The Salvation Army is very pleased to hear the Victorian Government announce a $70 million investment in community mental health services.


Rental legislation must pass parliament

The Salvation Army applauds the Victorian Government for introducing the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018.


Minister launches groundbreaking family violence research

Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, Natalie Hutchins, today launched new research that shows real change can be made in this challenging area.


Homelessness - A lack of political will

Governments can do something about homelessness. It just takes political will.

About the VSPPU

The Salvation Army Victoria Social Programme and Policy Unit (VSPPU) supports more than 350 frontline services across the state with policy development, resourcing and political advocacy.