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Thought Matters Conference Call for Papers 2015

Thought Matters Conference Call for Papers
30 Apr 2017
Email abstracts by 30 April 2017.

May Day Northern Territory
01 May 2017

Mothers Day
14 May 2017

Territorial Youth Band Tour UKI Territory
25 May 2017

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7 APRIL 2017


Major Beth Roberts

In my role, facilitating chaplaincy training, I often have cause to reflect on our motivation for what we do and the best ways to do it. Read More

5 April 2017

Speaking to power

Speaking to power
The Salvation Army’s national policy statements will be released soon to coincide with the Australian Government’s budget, on 9 May... Read More

5 APRIL 2017

Welcome Strangers

Welcome Strangers

When a father changes his religion, and his wife and child follow suit, the possible penalty for that decision is death…It was not a safe or easy decision. Read More

6 April 2017

When asylum is not granted

When asylum is not granted

This research from the Lowy Institute for International Policy evaluates Australia’s policy of ‘removing failed asylum seekers in Australia and draws lessons from similar policy areas and reforms in the United Kingdom and Canada’. Read More

6 April 2017

Shielding Australians

Shielding homeless people

The Salvation Army in Australia has a long and proud history of helping people in need. For 137 years ‘the Salvos’ have been there when they have been needed... Read More