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20 Mar 2017


Mission Intentions

As the two administrative territories of The Salvation Army in Australia continue to grow closer, merging into a new national unity by January 2019, a new set of mission values has been released. Read More

15 Mar 2017

Exploring complex issues

Exploring complex issues
The Salvation Army’s new national Moral and Social Issues Council (‘MASIC’) has been tasked with exploring ‘moral, social, ethical and related matters.. Read More

14 Mar 2017

Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap

‘Why, on a Sunday night, are we sitting under a bridge?’ The question was aptly put by Major Brendan Nottle * to approximately 50 Salvationists, .... Read More

16 Mar2017

Gap remains open

Paid FDV leave

The ninth ‘Closing the Gap’ report card regarding inequity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians shows that ‘changes are underway and successes are being achieved; however, progress overall nationally, is too slow’. Read More

16 Mar 2017

Shielding homeless people

Shielding homeless people

Salvation Army worker David Drysdale* says the coming annual Red Shield Appeal is an opportunity to raise funds for homeless Australians and raise community awareness of the dangerous nature of their existence. Read More