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Sharing the love

In Australia, an undisputed land of plenty, the level of income inequality continues to grow.


Response to federal welfare reform

The Salvation Army has submitted a national response to the McClure Welfare Reform interim report.


Dreaming of Justice

Aboriginal Salvationist Brooke Prentis spoke about the prospect of constitutional recognition of the first peoples through a future referendum.


Case Management works

The TSA national report on the use of case management in Emergency Relief (ER) services in Australia, is available.


New SA learning centre to be opened Feb 2015

Director of territory’s school for learning and development, flagged the end of public access to the Parkville school.


Tom and Jamal Speak Up

A story for children 9-12 years to develop knowledge about cybersafety issues and to promote discussion.


My Brother Sam

This is a story about bullying written for children under 7yrs who might be affected by sibling bullying or know someone who is.

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