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Vision Booster Preview Pack


Upcoming Events

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Australia Day
26 Jan 2018

national day of prayer and fasting

National Day of Prayer and Fasting
10 Feb 2018
Paliament House Camberra

Living our Vision

Vision Booster Campaign
11 Feb 2018

welcome cadets

Welcome to Messengers of the Kingdom & Launch of the Victorian Division
11 Feb 2018
87 Station St Burwood Vic or LiveStream

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Apology Anniversary
13 Feb 2018

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Latest News on SArmy

8 Dec 2017


Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd

This Christmas, we encourage you to extend love to all people, just in the way Jesus did. To the child without a parent. To the senior citizen without a family. To the homeless person who needs ... Read More

21 november 2017

TSA addresses housing bill

TS addressed housing bill
The Salvation Army has made a submission to the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Housing Affordability) Bill 2017, discussing issues including... Read More

8 December 2017

Housing Forum

Youth Homelessness Forum

Salvation Army staff Tatiana Croft and Trish Kelly spoke at a Frankston-Mornington Peninsula youth homelessness summit convened on 21 November at the... Read More

22 november 2017

Social housing and children 

Social housing and children
In the NSHS 2016 cited above, 2,990 (27%) of social housing tenants surveyed lived in households with children (6,544, or 73%, lived in households ... Read More

22 november 2017

Celebrating Yuletide Spirit

Celebrating Yuletide Spirit

The 24th Spirit of Christmas album – which is also the 23rd album that directly supports The Salvation Army’s work – has been launched by Myer... Read More