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Knowing and doing our work

We are nearing the release of our national report regarding community support services with a data snapshot of our services.


Poor Australians face harder times

The Salvation Army national submission to the Australian Senate’s enquiry - income inequality in Australia.


Auburn offers hope

On 11 September, Australia’s most multicultural community, Auburn, NSW, united to stand against suicide.


Federal Budget impact on health care

Menzies Centre for Health Policy (UOS) released an analysis of the health provisions in the Australian Government’s Budget.


Learn about mental health firstaid

Two-day mental health first aid 22 October, Highett Neighbour Community House.


Tom and Jamal Speak Up

A story for children 9-12 years to develop knowledge about cybersafety issues and to promote discussion.


My Brother Sam

This is a story about bullying written for children under 7yrs who might be affected by sibling bullying or know someone who is.

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